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    Blair - merchant wish lists from a woman shoppers perspective
    I buy clothes from Blair BUT my wishes may not be granted if my wish list is lost - I may not take the time to go through the categories again and the sale is lost.

    I browse, put a few items on the wish list as time allows, and may be undecided about an additional item, or want to wait until a 7-day item goes down further, or be pressed for time. So I can save the list and come back when I have time to look more and maybe finally hit the shopping cart at that point.

    I put several items on the list last night, this morning the list is gone. Not happy, I have to do it all over again. And now a couple of my items are featured clearance so by the time I've gone through later they could be sold out in my size and I don't buy.

    My shoppers may be doing the same thing. Not just Blair, any merchants with wish lists. An order can be delayed because a customer is undecided about one item. In my case a sweater was $5 cheaper last week, I was going to order one for myself and one for my daughter. I don't know if I still want it at the higher price. That's just one reason - I'm undecided on a couple of shorts colors, put them on the list to check my closet for blouses and maybe need more blouses so I'll browse some for those before ordering.

    Not only Blair, any merchant with such a feature who has a site where people may make purchases of multiple items on one order. imho wish lists should last at least for a couple of days to provide maximum customer convenience and conversion potential.

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    Hi Webworker!

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. For the Wish List at to save your selections, you need to log in for it to be saved to your profile. The technology is not based on cookies, so even if the cookies are cleared, your Wish List remains.

    I can see how a shopper might not understand this, since it's not explained very well on our website. I've asked our creative team to add some additional instructions to aid understanding.
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    Yep, I logged in and there it was! Got it, thanks.

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