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    January 18th, 2005
    Traffic & Sales Drop During Summer?
    It seems since Memorial Day sales have tanked. Anyone else seeing this? I've always heard traffic drops in the summer but this is the biggest drop I've seen in a long time.

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    It's been down just a little for me, but not much.

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    Our affiliate revenue typically slides a bit during the summer, but then so does our overall traffic. The latter is a bigger concern these days, as our CPM inventory is starting to tighten up.

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    Last year things really tanked for me in June, but that was due to the fact I relied heavily on one program. This year I am not seeing much of a drop because of income being attributed to a wide variety of sites and products.
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    Agree with Cheesehead, diversification is key. If you only focus on say outdoor sports you should be booming now but suffer in fall. Conversly, if you sell winter sports goods you are dead in the water now but come back to life in late fall.

    leeann, you may want to consider adding summer related products to your site, maybe outdoor stuff (bbq, golf and other summer fun stuff). That may fill your gap.

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    January 17th, 2005
    [QUOTE=LearnAbout] Conversly, if you sell winter sports goods you are dead in the water now but come back to life in late fall.

    Don't forget that WW in WWW stands for world wide so that when it is summer in USA/Europe it is skiing season in Australia and New Zealand.

    I was a bit puzzled about something wintery from Amazon sold in the summer last year then I sussed it was probably from down under.

    Of course, that the market down under is much smaller.


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    Definitely there are "seasons" to business - yes, diversification is key.

    I will say for our part that we are seeing some really nice spikes now related to new movie releases: Batman Begins comes out today ( falls under our WBShop affiliate program), also Harry Potter related items are really taking off with the book release in July - we'll see continued interest building throughout the summer to the late-fall movie release. There are other WBShop related titles as well you can PM me about if interested like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Corpse Bride.

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    summer must be over: I've had an order a day for two days!

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