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    Data feeds not 'cost-effective?
    I recently requested a data feed from one of the LS merchants I do pretty well with. The AM, who is very nice, btw, said that she wouldn't mind doing it, but asked how my commissions would be tracked. I was a little puzzled and replied that my AID would be added into the links as it is with individual products (which this merchant DOES offer). She seemed really positive and we went back and forth a few times, and I thought "Great! I'll get the feed outside of the Merchandiser function."

    Then I got this email:
    Hi Lisa,

    I just spoke with my Linkshare Manager and he said that it would not be beneficial for either one of us to do a data feed. It is not cost-effective.

    SoI have an idea!!!

    Why dont we just do our top selling products and have you list those. These products have an average sale of over $70.

    Why dont we start with these?? Then we can put links up with pictures on ....

    Let me know what you think about this. These are our top seller so I am sure that this will generate the most revenue.

    I really want to strengthen our name on your website and you have been a very loyal affiliate, so I want to work with you as much as I can!!!

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Very nice AM

    Okay. I know I'm not to well-versed on these things, but first of all, how is supplying me with a feed not 'cost-effective'? They have 50 individual products listed on LS. How is it so hard to just give me a feed of those 50 products? As for everything else she mentions - most of the products she listed are on my site, and I have links with pics already.

    I guess I'm really wondering, how do I respond to her? She's very nice and seems to really want to help, but I feel like she isn't that knowledgible on this stuff, and that her LS Manager is jerking her chain to screw me out of a very simple request.

    Can I please get some feedback on this? Am I missing something? What do I say to her short of "Guh???"
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    >>>I just spoke with my Linkshare Manager<<<

    ummmmm, did she speak with the right person? Did she go to LS with the idea?

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    Interesting, I had a similar reaction from an LS merchant about a year ago.

    She sounds like she has been pressured by someone at LS. How sad - add it to the list of things wrong at LS.

    So how do you combat it? Ask her why so many other merchants have feeds outside of LS, and why are they so successful? and Barenecessities are two that come to mind immediately. There must be something there...


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    Chances are, when she talked to LS and said it was for one person, LS told them that it was not going to be cost effective for just that one person. I would email her and ask her if she could explain how it would not be cost effiective. Worse case is that you can recommed that she contact a programmer to write a custom feed for their affiliates to use outside LS or use a external datafeed delivery service. In either case, the cost would probably not be as high as what LS is charging.

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    Linkshare probably quoted them their prices for setting up Merchandiser for the merchant.

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