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    June 8th, 2005
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Looking for some affiliates in Alberta or uh B.C.
    Hi there,

    I'm out of Calgary and am looking for some experienced Alberta affiliates to chat with. No, not about Mad Cow, Klein politics or ADScam, although there is plenty to say about those, I will admit. I would like to speak with you about your experiences in Affiliate marketing, kind of like a mini focus group. Why you ask? Well, I am with a start up called Shopster based here in Cow Town would like to get some viewpoints on the industry from some affiliates in the flesh rather than just over the computer. Does this entail a free lunch? Uh huh, yah. Specifically, we would like to speak with an affiliate or two that has been in the business for longer than a year and that qualifies as successful rather than a newbie in the biz.

    So if you feel like you can talk about what you do and are interested in helping a local company out with a little market research (just overall impressions rather than personal details) in exchange for a free lunch and maybe more, just send me an email to: "" or alternatively just respond in this thread and I will follow up.


    BTW, B.C. affiliates might work too, you're not too far away!

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    April 20th, 2005
    sure, I wouldnt mind an informational meeting, however I am in Vancouver, BC. A little far for you.


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