GREAT NEWS from RUSSIAN LEGACY: Now you can earn commissions from shipping costs too!!! We have raised our prices by 30%, and are now offering FREE Shipping on all orders. For you - this means that you can now get your commission off of the total amount of the order (including the "imbedded" shipping cost), or 30% more than before.

Our datafeed (containing 3022 products now, including 34 new 2006 wall calendars and hundreds of new product descriptions) has been been updated on the night of 8 June 2005. We encourage you to update your sites with the new one at your earliest convenience.

Those of you who have not yet added our products to their sites, do this by 15 June 2005 and we promise to credit your account $10.00 when your first sale takes place (condition: e-mail the DF10BUCKS coupon code in to affiliates @ russianlegacy . com [delete the spaces] as soon as your first sale occurs).

Good luck selling!!!

Best regards,


BTW: We're opening a Private Forum here at ABW in the beginning of the next week! Will be happy to see you there.