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    whats the difference?
    between a link farm and a directory

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    I saw this on another form .
    A link farm is pretty well defined.
    Hmmm, I beg to differ. Only FFA link farms have been defined, being a subset of link farms in general. What is and/or is not a link Farm is still very much open to debate.

    Mr X, you bring up a valid point that the SEs tacitly encourage linkage by including it in their algoss. Drawing a fine line between exchanging links for traffic and exchanging links purely to influence SERP position is difficult and certainly worthy of discussion.

    The difference as I see it lies somewhat in the area of intention, which is difficult to ascertain by mathematical or programmatical means.

    My advice, if you are worried about showing up in the SE's radar, would be to seek out link exchanges with on-topic or complimentary sites who are themselves under the radar. Top position for [link Exchange] might be a warning factor.

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    As above, I see it as intention.
    A link farm would be used on a site to help promote that site by boosting page rank. Exchanged links would be burried & the other sites could only hope for someone to stumble across their link.
    A directory exists, in its true form, to aid other web sites. Depending on the requirements of the directory, the purpose would probably not be to get links back in exchange, but to provide and exist as a good resource.

    I'll submit my sites to directories, but never link farms. I get swamped w/ emails from link farm owners & look to see what PR the page has that my link would go on and rarely is ever more than a PR-0 page. I reply, if I'm bored enough, and say I'll exchange links if they match the PR of my links page. Of course it's a waste of time... they're not in it to share their PR-3 or 4 pages.
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