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    How does the affilaite work?

    I just signed up with amazon affiliate and this is my first time doing affilaite. Can i take the html link code from the code they give me and smack it on any picture or do I have to use the code they me?

    Also Are the stats live, I was trying to check the clicks but it said 0 so i am confused on that aswell.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you don't want to use the Amazon picture, just click for a "text link" - I do this all the time and serve my own pictures.

    A quick way to make links:

    What I do is to just go though Amazon to find what I want and put the info in "notepad" on the ASIN product number and description. Grab the product picture if you want to use it and then use the code above to make all the links.

    The stats are NOT live - usually they are 3 days (or so) behind. When you check in the reports there should be a date to let you know how far behind they are.

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    I do the same thing as Ebudae, but I add the ref=nosim tag to my products so that the person will land directly on the item. Otherwise, amazon shows the item PLUS several other related items. I'm going for that 2.5% direct link bonus, so I don't want to distract my visitors. Sometimes I host the pictures myself, and sometimes I use direct links to the pictures at amazon. Depends on the page I'm working on and how big I want the pictures.

    <a href=""
    As far as the reports go, they're usually posted by 9:00 a.m. the next day. I haven't noticed a 3-day lag in quite some time. There are two sections to the report:

    Earnings Summary -- Amazon doesn't tell you how much you earned until they actually ship the item. Some items don't ship for up to four weeks, so there is a delay before they hit the report.

    Order Summary -- Lists the items ordered the previous day, or you can run reports of your own by periods, months, date range, etc.

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