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    Where to find a temporarily deactivated advertiser?
    I have an advertiser on CJ that is generating invalid clicks. Two days ago it generated several sales.

    Now I can't find the advertiser in CJ's lists, in my advertiser list, or in the publisher deactivated area.

    When looking at the invalid links it says "active" in the affiliation status. No e-mail arrived saying they terminated their program or our affiliation. I have pulled their banners, but curious as to whether this advertiser ran out of funds or something and has been temporarily removed from CJ. Is there a place on CJ I can check it out? I can't seem to find anything like that.

    However, I remember sometime back that CJ sent me an e-mail saying "so-and-so" advertiser has been deactivated to click on this link (in the e-mail) to check the status or something.

    I am just confused on this one.

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    I thought onceaponatime CJ sent us (in email) to a general list of all deactivated merchants. Lately, however, we get sent to

    which is the same result as if we looked in the deactivated merchants report.

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