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    Google following me or sitting on my site?
    I not sure if this is the right place to ask, and I'm not even really sure how to ask this

    I have google adsense on my site so that is why I chose this forum.

    I have a search function for an event calendar where I can see the search logs. I can see the date, time, IP, # of results and the search term. Each time someone does a search, a google IP is posted just seconds afterwards.

    Here's a sample of my search log:
    2005-06-10 19:25:09 0 suzie's test
    2005-06-10 19:25:13 0 suzie's test
    2005-06-10 19:25:35 27 poker run
    2005-06-10 19:25:39 27 poker run
    2005-06-10 19:27:06 0 suzies second test
    2005-06-10 19:27:09 0 suzies second test

    On a couple of other occaisions, there is no search term, just the # of results along with two google ip's.

    To me, it appears a goggle bot is crawling my database thru the search function????

    And it seems goggle is sitting on my site?????

    So that leads me to the real question, I guess, are these IP's showing up because of Adsense?

    I'm still pretty new to being a webmaster and this has me really


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    If you have the Google toolbar installed, it could well be because of that. But yes, the AdSense crawler is usually very quick.
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    It's probably the Googlebot that's reading your site for AdSense. Googlebot will visit any page you have AdSense on. Anytime a new query is made, Google thinks a new page has been created. Their bot will follow shortly to see what information is on this page. This Googlebot has nothing to do with the Googlebot that spiders your site to index it into their search results.

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    That does make sense that the bot would show up to know what ads to put on the page. I had wondered how that was done.

    So now I am wondering, when it runs thru the database without a search term and a # of results show up (like 201, which would be the number of events listed) how would it know what ads to run if its not using a search term? Generally, the titles of these events are not keyword related to the ads, but the descriptions and categories they are listed in are.

    I may be spending too much time thinking about this but the ads generated on this page are always on target, (unlike most of my other pages) and I want to be able to produce the same results if I can.

    Thanks for you help!

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    how would it know what ads to run if its not using a search term?
    It'd have to figure out the page's content algorithmically, just like if it looked at a regular page with a nonkeyworded file name...

    But, do any results come up when no search term is used? A lot of search pages just return no results, or an error, when the user doesn't put in a term.
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    When no search term is entered, using the default date (today), all future events are returned. If the date is change to say, the beginning of the year, an error is encountered. So obviously, the majority of the keywords are on target for the ads that I need.

    here's a sample with two ip's, 178 results returned but no search word:
    2005-05-18 02:48:51 178
    2005-05-18 02:48:56 178

    and this one where the search was generated by a vistor searching for August:
    2005-06-09 09:19:45 0 august
    2005-06-09 09:19:49 0 august
    2005-06-09 09:20:23 201

    I guess it's checking the whole database after a certain amount of time, when its being prompted by a visitor.

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    Google bot will will spder and crawl your site and run through your URL to make sure that it is showing relevant Ads for the advertisers.

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