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    Increase site Traffic
    Hello everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone can tell me the best ways to increase site traffic. I have done the link exchange, keyword page optimizing, submission, and have recently started a weekly newsletter. But my traffic is still low. Should i just pay the SEs for prominate positioning or is there any other points i am missing? Any input would be very appreciated, and helpful.

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    how are your rankings ont he search engines for the keywords you are using to promote your site? If your ranking isn't high enough, you won't see any traffic increase from your SEO work.

    Your goals should be in steps:
    1. Optimize
    2. Track rankings
    3. Keep optimizing to increase rankings
    4. One you achieve high rankings, the traffic comes in.
    5. Find out what your visitors do when they arrive on your site
    6. Re-organize site to better engage visitors.

    That's a very simplified list, but it'll show you that if your rankings are not high enough, you need to go back and keep working on it. It's a cycle that never really ends.

    Now, what you are doing to optimize, may also be the problem. How many incoming links do you have to your site and what are your keywords? You can go to and pull a report for all of your keywords to see just how popular your keywords are. You can alos search for your keywords on the engines and check how many incoming links each of the top results have going to their sites. That would give you a decent idea of how many links you need to compete with the higer ranking sites for those same keywords.

    For example, if you only have 100 incoming links for keywords where your competition each has 3,000 incomings, then you have alot of work to still do.

    Just a few things to digest. Mostly it takes a little bit of patience and perseverance.

    Good luck!

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    If you're confident in your conversion ratio, and your website in general I would definitely embark on the wonderful world of PPC...If nothing else it's a good way to test how effective your site really is at converting visitors, work out what needs to be improved, and check if it is really going to be the best vehicle for you to make money...
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