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    As Seen on Merchant Website
    On the site, it says as of today, 6/12/05, the following:

    "We will be on vacation until 6/29. Most orders placed will ship on the 29th."

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    I've only seen things like that a couple of times.

    I never quite know what to think. Is it "Cool" that it's a real individual on the other side instead of a Big Soulless Corporation, or is it "really cheeseboy" and "unprofessional."

    I suppose I think a little of each, about statements like that.

    Not so sure what I'd put if it was my site, but I sure wouldn't give up vacations, either...
    There is no knowledge that is not power. ~Hemingway

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    From a consumers point I think I'd appreciate the note as it's better than waiting in vain for weeks for my stuff to arrive.

    From a marketeer's point it's bad for business as the click will surely not convert. Then again, this kind of 'closed for holiday' will only happen to small merchants, so I guess the amount of $$ they would contribute to the affiliate earnings may not be too relevant.

    Also reminds me that I haven't been on holiday for a while.. (Sigh...)

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