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    Question about CJs batch processing/batch transfers
    Im still not quite clear about CJs batch processing/batch transfers. Heres what confuses me, maybe you can help:

    One of my main CJ merchants does batch transfers, mostly on a daily basis but not every time. Sometimes there are 2 day gaps in-between. Once they are posted it so miraculously happens that I also dont seem to have had any sales on those gap days:

    Last Batch Data Transfer Dates:
    1-Jun-2005 5 sales (event date 31 May, posting date 1 June)
    2-Jun-2005 4 sales (event date 1 June, posting date 2 June)
    3-Jun-2005 6 sales (event date 2 June, posting date 3 June)
    6-Jun-2005 4 sales (event date 5 June, posting date 6 June)

    In the above example (representing the real data) it seems that no sales (= events) took place on 3 & 4 June, which is odd as I generally have an average of 4-6 sales per day on virtually every single day they do a batch transfer.

    This is also not a one-time anomaly, this gap in events happens every time there is a gap in batch processing.

    Does this look odd to you, too, or is there a logical explanation behind this?

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    The 4th and 5th were weekend days. They probably don't ship on weekends and probably report sales only when they ship.
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    Thanks, Michael, good point. I checked, the previous gaps were also weekends. I respect that ppl take the weekend off.
    On the other hand, orders should still come in, and I should see a bigger salesday on the following Mondays which I don't. I'll drop a note to the AM and see if there is an intrinsic problem.

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