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    Brooks Brothers Site Error?
    Is anyone else having problems getting to Brooks Brothers homepage? When i land on their homepage, it just keeps refreshing with "BKR2ASD" text on the page. Is that a hack of some sort? Anyone else getting this? I am using standard IE 6.0....

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    A "View Source" shows the first line of code as:

    And, according to the code, there's supposed to be a big 300px high "construction2.jpg" but it isn't showing.

    The refreshing seems to be coming from a JavaScript at the bottom of the page:

    **setTimeout("", 5000);
    Also they've screwed up their Hitbox code. They didn't fill in their variables for the page.

    So, I'd say they just messed it up themselves.

    [Edit--JavaScript kept running instead of showing, and making thread redir to Brooks Bros! I changed the code a bit to "break" it so it would quit that.]
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