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    Newbies... Are you missing out??
    I am posting here, because I want the maximum number of people to see it!
    I know a lot of people never find their way to the AMWSO forum cuz it's buried near the bottom of the home page...

    I just wanted to say to all the members and onlookers, if you aren't working with Chris and the gang from AMWSO you're missing out....

    In the two years that i have been working with the group they have gone the extra mile to help me be successful, which hasnt been easy....

    For some strange reason my visitors have not liked their products... which meant I have low sales for these products... yet Chris and his gang has stuck with me helping to solve this problem and that problem...

    take for instance... I joined an out program 2 years ago... that was promoted as the next "big thing" those who have been here a while know what I'm talking about...

    Well as we all know it was the next big BUST!!!!! I spent countless hours creating and tweeking my autoparts site only to have the merchant cancel his affiliate program... leaving us all hi and dry...

    About this same time Chris launched Drivewerks with little notice even though the program offered superior affiliate tools and support.

    While when I suddenly needed a auto parts merchent I signed up with Drivewerks... and started the task of converting my site over to Drivewerks...

    Chris and Wayne (Wanye needs to me mentioned cuz he pays the bills) have been their every step of the way... even when I was getting lots of traffic and no sales... they help trouble shoot the problem...

    turns out when i loaded the feed I didnt notice the link field was set at 255 chars. and the links are over 300 chars. so they were truncated (didnt work)

    We have been searching for a solution to this problem for six months.. till the other day Wayne noticed my links were too short..... Problem solved!

    I could go on.. about all the other programs... as I have stories of how I was helped...

    These guys care about our success.... If you arent working with AMWSO you are missing out!

    Thanks Chris for running a 1st class company and caring about me!

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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    second the motion!

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    What is AMWSO?

    Can you explain more about them or direct me to where I can find information on them?

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    And I'll third the motion! Chris, John, Patrick, and the others at AMWSO are great to work with.

    Here's the AMWSO forum:

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