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    Here's a tip for you merchants...

    When you set an expiration date on offers...


    Expiring an offer at midnight is too confusing. Do you really mean midnight (The beginning of the day - 00:00)? Or, do you actually mean 23:59:59 PM (the end of the day)? The latter seems to be the intent usually, but, who knows? Its ambiguous.

    Why be ambiguous?

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    Not to mention a lot of us have automated systems that remove coupons based on date, not time. So if you give me a coupon that expires at 11:00 PM, it will hang around for another hour.

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    our program at always has offers. My strategy is to just list a date of expiration and then I usually kill the promotion a day after, an extra day of happy customers is not a bad thing in the long run.

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