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    Question Terms & Conditions, Purchase Incentives
    Hi All,

    I've been using Linkshare for quite a while and am just starting off using CJ. I have a few questions that maybe some kind individual can help me out with...

    1. Where can i go to review a merchant's affiliate agreement after I've joined their program? I've noticed that a few merchants have links called "Special Terms and Conditions" on their main page, but not many merchants do.

    2. One of my merchants (Jostens) has a "Performance Incentive". Here's what it says: "For Total Sales Amount equal to or greater than $500.00 USD increase commission by 66.70%." Does this mean that if I sell $500 worth of product for them, my commission jumps from 3% to 5% (a 66.7% increase)?

    Thank you for your help!

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    If those are the numbers your correct it would be 5%
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    Correct the Performance increases are based on a percentage increase of the base offer.

    So if the base was 1% and there was a 300% increase for the next level it would be 3% and so on, got me a bit confused when we first started we had to redo Century Fitness a couple of times


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    As for the terms and conditions, contact the merchant with any specific questions.

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