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    January 18th, 2005
    Keep up the good work, Chuck!
    Hi Chuck,

    I can see that you're working hard.

    LinkShare is not the optimal platform but it is all we have right now and the ownership just extended the contract another year. That we decided before I arrived.
    We have decided to make our program parasite free and today removed Ebates from our program. I will be working on other suspected sites and would be interested in a list if anyone has one.
    ShopAtHomeSelect is a tough one, they are the only affiliate that is close by and we are scheduled to meet with them later this month. I have spoken to my account manager there who assures me that they do nothing malicious. I will ask that their IT manager contact me with a diclaimer to these links:
    After careful research we have decided to remove Ebates from our affiliate program. This is due to comments from affiliates and managers from this forum, private communications from this forum, referrals and some simple research.
    This makes me very uncomfortable. I have been working with CoolSavings, Inc to get some listings on on w w w.**********. com. Have been on the site for a few weeks with over 1000 impressions, 16 clicks and no sales.
    TopRebates has been removed from my program based on:
    eXact Advertising LLC/ BargainBuddy has been removed from my program per:
    E2Give ( charity network) has been removed from my program based on:
    Zuvio has been removed from my program per:
    If you are interested in working with us it will have to be through LinkShare for now. Let me know your complaints and I will pass them to my LS account manager.
    If ever decide to be on Shareasale one day, don't forget to post that info.


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    Park City, UT
    Thanks Mr. Sal!

    I was directed to this forum by other affiliate managers and have been listening to them as well as the affiliates who have relied. Chris Sanderson probably gave me the best advice. Communicate with your affiliates and listen to what they are saying. Also, to work with new affiliates to help them develop their sites.

    It is a juggling act between recruitment, optimizing affiliates, making sales and reaching the next level. The fun part of the job is speaking with good people and making them successful.

    I'll make sure I post if we change our network affiliation, thanks.

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    Nunya, Business
    "I'll make sure I post if we change our network affiliation, thanks."

    Maybe all you need to do is change the contract which will allow you to open up elsewhere. Good work cleaning the program up.

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