Hi DirectROi,

As I had read through your previous 59 posts, I have to give you credit for your persistence about the "Recommended RX affiliate programs".

While I have never had nor never will promote a drug program anywhere because of a personal belief, I may understand why you're so desperate about finding an RX affiliate program in order to make a lot of money in a short time.

I too, was obsessed last year about the Web hosting programs last year because I was able to make about $90.00 every time that I got a new visitor to buy a new web hosting package, but eventually that niche went away this year for me.

So I moved on...........

And while my niche was and is still legal, your RX affiliate programs are now on the Grey area and the more you try to pursue that nich around here, the more you might look like a drug pusher to many people around here, even if they don't say it in public like I just did.

I'm not bashing you, I am just posting what I think today.