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    Red face New merchant needs advice from experienced ones (please)
    Hello - I need some help from an experienced merchant - or someone who works with them.

    Okay so I spent ten years building the product - made a website, signed up with google (500+ ad impressions in the last two days - all of 2 clix), and I even sent out a press release (5,000 journalists have read it over the past two days). Oh... and I have a PR Agency (who is completely useless) and I am *supposed* to be interviewed on a few hundred radio stations this summer. hmmmm..

    No sales of course. (not yet)

    I have been on the internet for a number of years - but I always shied away from affiliate marketing. Now I am trying to figure out how to:

    get affiliates
    make them happy (pay them)
    keep them happy (pay them on time)
    make money

    The process seems simple enough. Join an affiliate program - and make sure to pay the affiliates generously and on time. Having been a professional salesman for over 14 years, this part is easy. But I keep seeing horrible news about some of the affiliate networks, and there are these things called AM's that confuse me.

    Of course I am reading everything I can here - but I feel no closer to making an online sale, even though the bills keep coming in.

    I am hoping to find someone who might be willing to help me (like a mentor - of if necessary, for a cut of the action if that is what it takes) before I go insane trying to figure out the difference between being screwed by an affiliate network and being parasited to death.

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    In my experience you should not start an affiliate program before you have been making some sales online. Remember that an affiliate program is an extension of your online sales distribution (like adding commission-only agents in the offline world).

    If you have no sales yet why would you think affiliates would be interested in your offering? Spend time getting sales, test test test and get conversions up. Then you have something to show potential affiliates, get them excited to sign up, and they can leverage your success to take it further. 10 years spent building a product is quite a project. It seems you want to skip the PR and sales step and get right into affiliate marketing after a few days of marketing.

    Be patient and get those sales going first, then you will be in a much better position to succeed adding an affiliate strategy. There are consultants out there and in this forum who can help you. Hopefully they can comment too.

    As for your comment on "simple process" I am not sure other AM's would agree. There is some investment needed in setting up an affiliate strategy and implementing it. Keeping the affiliates informed and motivated is often underestimated as well.

    Hope that helps. Good luck.


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    Were dumping LS and going in-house. Our programmers say they can design anything so the question is: What do affiliates want/need to see on their end as far as tracking and reporting go?

    I've been given a clean slate to start this and I want to do it right.
    BTW...we don't have products to sell, just a service. Once I get the program working right and I double-check it, then I'll post an announcement here.

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    I'm awaiting an answer for this too, since what we are about to launch is also non-tangible.

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