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    PrimaryAds Update
    I think many here are now aware of the reported relationship between PrimaryAds and 180Solutions and 180Solutions being a primary revenue source for PrimaryAds which stemmed from a blog elsewhere.

    In that blog report, the connection was made from 'sources' which were not named. Since I've not seen any other 'evidence' put forward of the association between PrimaryAds and 180Solutions and PrimaryAds was in Vegas, I decided to talk to them personally about the relationship.

    I asked the specifically about the reported relationship and prevalence that 180Solutions drives revenue for PrimaryAds. Their response to me is that when 180Solutions and the practices of 180Solutions was brought to their attention, they terminated them from PrimaryAds. This was about a year ago (although they admitted they couldn't tell me the exact date since they didn't have access to that information in Vegas). They stated their general policy was not to accept adware publishers into their Network. They further stated that they were aware of the practice of some publishers to rejoin Networks once terminated and monitored for such. They were also aware of the issue of other publishers advertising through such companies of 180Solutions.

    I pointed out how the connection between PrimaryAds and 180Solutions was circulating through the community and I knew of some Merchants and affiliates who had not partnered with PrimaryAds because of such. I was wondering why PrimaryAds has been quiet on the issue if they indeed are not partnering with 180Solutions. Their response was along the lines (paraphasing here) that well there were often times things stated as facts in this Industry that might not be accurate for many reasons including folks having their own agendas. They didn't get bogged down with trying to counter all of these. They seemed to have the menality that at the end of the day their business practices would speak for themselves. They pointed out that with their recent acquisition by CGI Holdings/Think Partnership, their business model and partnerships were looked at quite closely. And that certain partnerships would not have been helpful to that acquisition.

    I pointed out that the degree to which PrimaryAds might be associated with 180Solutions and other adware companies would be rather easy for those on the outside to see. After all, it is just a matter of seeing to what degree PrimaryAd links show up in various adware for anyone who is really interested. Additionally, to what degree and who PrimaryAds responds when their links show in adware is rather easy for those on the outside to determine also. It's just a matter of submitting a compliance compliant if their links are found in such software and then retesting after a realistic time frame has passed. They agreed.

    Is it possible that PrimaryAds was just blowing hotair my way? Yes, it's a possibility. Although personally I feel it would be a risky proposition for a publically traded company to give out intentionally false information (ie stating 180Solutions was terminated approximately a year ago when they are actually still a partner generating the bulk of their revenue). Of course, stranger things have happened.

    For me, I'm going to hold out a bit on my opinion of PrimaryAds until I see more verifable proof one way or another as to what PrimaryAds interactions with adware may really be. I want some more data to form a firm opinion on aside from unnamed "souces."

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    I have been working with PrimaryAds for about 6 or 7 months now and I know it isn't any hard evidence but I haven't seen any drop in conversion rate when comparing identical programs they run with their competitors and in many case Primary gives me a better conversion. This would lead me to believe that they don't have any major parasites stealing my commissions.

    Out of all the lead based affiliate networks like PrimaryAds that I have tested I have to say that I trust PrimaryAds more than nearly all the others. They are easy to work with and will give you a good answer if you have questions. I would have no reservations about recommending them to others based on my experience.

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    drcool, The theft by 180 for those identical programs would be the same regardless of the network they were being run on because the 180 pop would affect both equally. The question is who is backing the 180 pop with their network.

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