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    Intergating search into Webmerge
    Hi, I am just learning to use webmerge and in a few short days I have some great pages after spending most of my time sorting out my templates.

    I have also added a search facility (Search Engine Builder Standard), a java script based search.

    I have this working and it produces results similar to google etc. search results.

    Now, my problem is, how do I integrate the search results with webmerge to produce results that look the same as my webmerge generated tier 2 index pages.

    i.e. Returns results with TITLE, SHORT DESCRIPTION, PRICE and an image, in an identical format as my Webmerge generated pages.

    I don't know where to start on this one. Any help much apreciated


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    Does your (Search Engine Builder Standard), a java script based search
    have some kind of template that you can control the look and feel of the search results..??

    If so then there is your answer.. use the template from webmerge as a base template for the (Search Engine Builder Standard), a java script based search...

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    Thanks for that AddHandler.
    I am using my Webmerge template for my search results and results are listed on my template, but what I get is this for example;

    ...Anklets Bangles Bracelet Body Jewellery Brooches Chains Chokers Cufflinks Earrings Hairclips...Ladies Value Curb Bracelet Price : 85.62 Gents Value Curb Bracelet Price : 78.28 Ladies Value...

    But what I need is result text and image that replicates my Webmerge pages as below.

    Fancy 3+1 Figaro Bracelet with Rhodium-plated Links

    This Fancy 3+1 Figaro bracelet has Rhodium-plated links, which simulate... more

    Price: 36.78

    { image of bracelet}

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