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    Performance Incentive Payouts
    I was searching through the CJ "help" area and browsed through the "Performance Incentive" section. Reading through it, it claimed that "incentives" (let's take eBay in this instance, since that is most of my traffic since eBay is the biggest coin auctioner) were paid out the third month (or second month after incentive activity occured).

    So I would assume, if I got 1200 bids through my eBay frames for June, then I would get tyhe $0.10x1200 paid out in July, and in August, I would recieve $0.10xJulyBids + $0.02x1200(June). Is that correct? Thanks!

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    I'm no longer promoting Ebay, but for my other merchants who offer performance incentives it takes two month before the perf. bonus is credited to my CJ account, i.e. sale in June, bonus in August.

    Ebay may be different, though.

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    "First month: traffic occurs.
    Second month: regular traffic audited; payout on base commission rate.
    Third month: Extended transactions clear audit; incentive bonus value calculated and Bonus paid!"

    This was an explanation I recieved from CJ.

    My experience has been that a performance incentive for March would require the entire month of April to be "audited" i.e. any reversals would be netted from the base amount the incentive was paid on (if reversals result in you not meeting the incentive requirement, no bonus will be paid) .

    Then some day in May the bonus transaction would appear. The bonus would actually be paid as part of the June publisher payment somtime around the 20th.

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    Except that eBay usually pays them between the 5th and 10th of the following month (the extra 2 cents per bid over 800, etc.). Also, I earned a $100 bonus in May, which was posted to my account and locked last week. I think this was manually pushed through by the merchant.

    Other than that, it's what every body else said. When CJ calculates the bonus based on the thresholds set in the system, it takes 45 days after the month closes.

    So, in answer to your question. You will see the 1200 bids x .02 bonus for June posted in July and paid in July.

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