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    I was wondering
    I am looking to pay a little to make a little. I am looking into a few programs to help increase my business. I am wondering what people would say or suggest to purchase now-a-days. I have researched a few, but I am just wondering what some would suggest?

    Also, I guess this is two part question...would you suggest in purchasing a program, or to get coaching. I keep hearing, and reading about coaching and it can really help too. What are peoples thoughts and views about coaching? And anyone that you would suggest to go with?

    Thanks a lot, and hope to get a lot of input!

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    Not quite sure what you mean by 'purchasing a program', but for the second part of your question I'd recommend this board to be your coach . The wealth of information here is greater than any single human being could teach you (i.e. a 'guru'). And it is available 24/7. And it's free. And...

    There is a related thread on 'internet gurus' going on here:

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