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    Question Storing articles in MySQL
    What is the best way to store articles in a MySQL database?

    I want to be able to store small (2 or 3 paragraph) articles in a database and use it as content for a content site. I am already doing this to a degree. The problem is that the source text files have hidden characters for carriage returns, tabs, and line feeds. In a PHP script I can pull an article but it is not really formatted nicely because of the hidden characters that were transferred from the text file to the database. Am I making sense??

    How to get the text formatted properly and make sure my MySQL database is also setup properly?


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    You should be able to use str_replace() to find the \n new lines and \t tabs in the text and replace them with whatever you want.
    But are you still master of your domain?

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    Try the nl2br() function.


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