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    Format template: Link to external stylesheets
    My site uses stylesheets and includes extensively for navigation.

    I have created a new details template (called details8.html, and based on details2.html). The includes are working perfectly, but are not styled, so the layout breaks down.

    Is there any way I can link the stylesheets to the details template? I would rather not include the css at in the head tags, because that would add a lot of work if it becomes necessary to edit the styles later.

    PS: I created a page template using the stylesheets that works perfectly, so I'm guessing there is a way around this issue?



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    The details template (e.g.: ae-format/details8.html) is used to format the results in the {results} variable. Only everything from between the <body> and </body> of the details template is used; nothing in its <head></head> is used.

    To use a CSS, put it in the <head></head> of the page template
    (e.g.: ae-template/default.html)

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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