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    An Old Post Revisited - target=new - good or bad?
    Cheesehead posted this in 2003. I was wondering if things have changed over the years and what the opinions are about opening a new window w/ each link?

    Original Post -
    "I have heard that if your link opens a new window, your page can get killed by a pop-up killer. Is this true? It seems like better sense to open a new window (target = new) if you have a lot more stuff to offer on your site. In cases where there isn't more (like single page ad-pages) I set the target frame to the same page." (End of quote)

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    I'm wondering also, so I'll be keeping a eye on this thread.

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    I am pretty sure that target new or target blank are ok, as long as you have to click to open the window. Pop up blockers block pops that don't originate with a click, and they block some Java pops even when you click.

    I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong
    Deborah Carney

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    I've always used target=_blank for any external links on my site. I've never had a problem.

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    Proxomitron, which is a proxy, will alter the html that is sent to the browser - similar to all of the pop-up blockers and such. But, proxomitron has alot more power in that you can add new filters and such --- so you could suppress target=_blank (dont know why you would want to).

    Im sure the % of people that would actually take the time to do it is VERY small. Also, you need to have a PC/Programming background/knowlege to code the filter. So your normal surfer wouldnt even know of such a product.

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