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    WM Include question
    Can I use an include tag in WM, except instead of telling it to look for c:\.... on my local computer, can I make it look for a file in the root of my web folder? ie: [WM-Include: http://mydomain/include.htm]

    I am using a site with many directories and I have an news feed from my host that I want to use on each page, but the feed only works in the root directory of my site. My thinking is that if I use a WM include to point to the URL of the include in my web directory, that will work.

    Can this be done?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Can't you use SSI or PHP to do this on all of your pages?

    SSI (.shtml files)
    <!--#include virtual="/include.htm" -->

    PHP (.php files)
    <? virtual ("/include.htm"); ?>
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    within <head> </head> use
    <base href="" />
    <base href="[wm-include: ../resources/site-home-url.html]" />

    and then configure wm-include accordingly.

    hope this helps,


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    Thanks for the help! Much appreciated!

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