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    A sale with $0 commission?
    This is a first for me at SAS so I'm not sure what it means.

    Yesterday in my stats it showed that I made a sale with a new merchant but the commission was $0.00?? I looked at the banner clicked that made the sale and it showed the image of what they bought. I thought maybe it would be credited manually at some point but there is still no commission showing for that sale. Unless it will be added by the merchant later yet? I realize that today is Saturday now so it may not be done until Monday?

    Has this happened to anyone else and what was the final outcome?



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    Hi; Catwomen;

    Brian, prehaps you should leave this up for new comers.

    Zero sales often times means that for whatever reason the credit card was not appoved or the sale is pending if the merchant needs to manually approve the sale

    Many merchants have the resources and call the customer (as my merchant does) then when the sale goes thru we can enter the amount of the sale and commissions due.

    I suggest you contact your merchant and see what there policy is on bad credit cards and if all sales need to be approved.
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    Thanks Richard for the explanation. I just emailed the merchant and will wait for their reply to see what happened. I've been with SAS for a while now and only had one sale reversed before and it showed as a reversal. I had never seen this $0.00 before so it looked kinda funny.

    Will see what they say about this. Hopefully it will be credited manually later.


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    After I signed up with clickbank (just the other day) I got emails for two sales at $0.00 from some country listed as ZW (Zimbabwe?) and I kinda freaked out and whined to them that I was "pending final approval" (I was approved but I hadn't sent them money yet so my product was somewhere in their system - but the price was *fixed* at $0.00). I was concerned that people were buying my stuff for free.

    I am so dumb! They were both "test sales" but they looked so official in my mailbox. There was also no indication that they were test sales. It was only when I *did* complain that I was told what they were.

    Well I figured you could use a laugh (true story though!)

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    Since I put my email address in all of my sites, and feedback, I have had complaints from shoppers that didn't get the order ontime,shipped to the wrong address,etc. I had to call the merchants customer service to satisy my customers,or I lose out,due their poor service.My 5 cents worth,and with sales slowing down, I have a lot of browsers, traffic,even tho people don't realize that merchants reduce their overhead by almost 70%, and the shopper saves the gas, and hassles of driving the crowded highways,malls, and ( Walmart hires people, and don't train them) I went for a new VCR, the salesman didn't know what that was.

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