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    from another thread -
    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Chris - WSO:
    Yep I think you have it right when you say a lot of partners don't read the newsletters, this was explained to my in graphic detail by one partner who was signed up to over 100 Merchants...all of whom send at least 2 emails a month to her.... 250 Emails, all fighting for reading space



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    Chris, I read your newsletters and thank you for including great content that I can use.

    I wanted to post my comments about merchant emails/newsletters but didn't want it to get buried in a different subject thread.

    I receive hundreds of emails each day and the majority of them are spam BUT I want newsletters from the merchants I work with. And I don't care how often they go out as long as I receive them.

    I want newsletters that inform me of any coupons that I can post on my site along with the end dates. I also want to know what sales are coming up so I can prepare for them and what dates the sales will cover. The merchants that send me emails keeping me up to date are the ones that get more exposure and get posted first because I don't have to waste my time in going to each merchant's site to see if anything is going on. The more I know about, the more I can promote.

    My day goes something like this:
    1) update my sites from newsletters via email
    2) check ABW to see if coupons/sales have been posted
    3) update my sites via networks' messaging systems (lately this has been very lacking in notifications)
    4) if time allows, check merchant links via the networks of merchants known to update coupons often to see if there might be something new
    5) time has run out but if there was more than 24 hours in a day, I might pick a few merchants out of my list, go to their site and see if there was anything interesting going on. i.e - sale, popup coupons, etc. But this happens rarely. If there's a sale, usually there's no end date so why bother posting it and not knowing when to remove it?

    What I don't want in a newsletter is a pep-talk and nothing that I can post on my site. I get a few of this type and it's a waste of my time checking to see if anything of worth is in it and a waste of the AM's time in writing it.

    Now I know there are a lot of affiliates that don't want more email and that's ok. They should be able to opt-out of receiving it. It's their loss on not knowing upcoming sales and happenings that might increase their commissions. But I do want them and I don't get enough of them.

    And to any merchants reading this, please, please include end dates of any promotions. I hate having outdated promos and sales posted on my sites so if I don't know when it ends, I generally won't publish it which makes both of us lose.

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    What I want from newsletters (I don't think that I asking much here) is for them to be CORRECT. How many times do we get an e-mail from a merchant, and then a few hours later, they send out another one including the correct coding. This is so shoddy

    Why don't they get it right the first time?

    Also, we sometimes get an e-mail with spelling mistakes, even in the subject line. This is so unprofessional.

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