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    new programs to help with content or consulting/coaching?
    I am currently trying to get myself to the next level. I have been doing this kind of stuff with websites for a little while now. And I am honestly trying to support my family with it therefore going into this full time. Though I have an pretty constant income, though I am looking to increase where I could support my family.

    So I am asking what people that are out there doing this full time would suggest to help the transition with this. I have heard some answers such as buying programs that do automatic work for you to help build traffic. And I have heard getting coaching or consulting. Would any and everyone please help me in this time. Could you please share you experiences of doing this full time or what programs have helped you take you to the next level. Or what coaching or consulting? Or do you just suggest to go through this forum for help. If you say or thing that this forum can take me to the next level then where or what should I read to keep updated the most on the best or the top of the internet.

    I really hope this makes sense and that people can really share with me on this one!

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    Cool I kinda like it
    well I for one have learned a lot here (just poking around at everything) and I found some excellent information at (if I am allowed to say that - if not - sorry!)

    I try not to post ANY website urls here because of those scary red letters.
    Oooh! I have a signature! :yellowsmi
    Thanks webmaster!

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