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    Adsense or affiliate links?
    I have been refining adsense so that competing sites do not appear on my content site (I charge a membership fee to download the content). The adsense ads which now display are for tangible products that are directly linked to my content.

    I am thinking of creating my own text ads with links to these types of suppliers using affiliate codes - has any one else done this? I have enough data over the last year to compare results - would a parallel system be better - ie alternate page loads to display google then affiliate links?

    Has anyone gone this route?

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    I don't think an answer can be given here. You need to compare your returns per click-thrus trying this both ways. Earnings of affiliate links depends on the product type and convertability on the merchants site. Even if we had the figures to share, it would be against the Google Adsense Terms Of Service to discuss click-thru rates for the Google ads.
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    If you have not already done this, would an option be to leave the Adsense ads as they are and add text links (as affiliate links) within your content? Content ads are known to convert quite well, depending on several factors, though. This way you may be able to increase your revenue stream by hitting two birds with one stone.

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