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    Yahoo Search Marketing declined Ad
    I had a couple ads removed from my Overture/Yahoo account and the reason is very strange, does anybody know what this means:

    Site Ownership

    "We are unable to accept your listing because your web site does not have sufficient personalization. Web sites with affiliate relationships must take the user to a personalized page. Personalization must include your name or your company name and keywords submitted for this page must have a clear relationship to the content on the personalized pages. Please check that the page you submitted meets the requirement above and resubmit your listing."

    From what I know about personalization, this makes no sense. My definition of personalization is to collect information about the visitor so the pages they visit are more personalized. How can Yahoo expect this? I must be going about this wrong. What does this mean?

    - Scott
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    That's just a variant of an old OverSure requirement.
    English translation:

    Make it clearer that it's YOUR site, and that the customer is not dealing directly with a merchant. Also make your relationship with the merchant clearer.

    A different way to put it: Sounds like your site looks too much like a merchant site.

    They sure did bury it in a bunch of buzzword babble, but that's what they're getting at.
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