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    January 17th, 2005
    Could it be my fault?
    I thought about what happened to my top-performing site's rank.

    I think I am being a bit harsh on Google in my anger of losing 2/3 of my income for June (so far), I think I know what happened.

    Google doesn't like pages with 100 links. I have a product archive for products no longer available new. One merchant I used to promote is no longer active with CJ. That puts 60 products into my product archive, in addition to the 2 categories and 33 products (not to mention navigation) that exist in the site but are no longer available new from my merchants.

    I'll update this in a month or so.

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    Its not that Google has a problem with pages over 100 links, that is just the recommended amount. I have some pages with 150 links apiece (not affiliate links) and it is not a problem. If your page size goes over 100K then that is a problem.

    Although I have heard rumours that an abundance of affiliate links on a page could get you penalised so maybe 100 is too much in that case. Were the majority of your links affiliate links?
    Keep on learning, keep on earning. :fan:

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    They're links to product pages. There are no affiliate links to burnt product pages on the page in question. There's nothing but [Hx] tags and links on the page.

    I strip the target product pages of the "click here to buy" affiliate link and change the keywords from "Buy [PRODUCT]" to "[PRODUCT] Information". The final piece to the puzzle is placing adsense. The pages rank well for the product regardless if it says "buy" or "information" next to the product name in the title and header tags (and incoming links).

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