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    Shareasale Datafeeds
    I am wondering if SAS could provide a little education to some of it merchants with datafeeds? Some of the datafeeds are over 1 year old. Many over 3 months since the last update. Now I know that this is not shareasale's responsibility, keeping merchant datafeeds up to date. But I think that it would only benefit all parties involved if SAS could send them alerts or something, letting them know their datafeed has not been updated in a month or so.

    After all, old products will result in increased emails to the merchant about out of stock products, or products they no longer carry, less commissions for the affiliate and SAS.

    Just a thought

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    and a good thought it is!

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    maybe the merchant has nothing changed.
    our brand covers only 43 different items.
    which is enough for a range of skin care products,
    and it never changes, unless we add a new product.
    then it would be up-dated, but thats only happens ??.. 2 times a year.

    the other way to look at it is,
    if they dont keep up to date, dont join them
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    This is not one merchant this is many merchants, probably a dozen or so. Some carry 100's of products, a few 1000's. This is just a thought (a good one, Matlock agrees)

    I have sent the am's emails, just might be nice to give the merchants a little push to update them about once a month.

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    Just updated mine. I keep it up to date but don't add that many products so it doesn't get updated too often.

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    Sports Man is right!

    I have merchant feeds that have many dead links in them. I have to go through and pull those products manually. If it gets too bad I'm going to have to ax the merchant.

    Travelin' Man

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