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    Sales for Entirely Pets
    Ermmm... how is everyone's sales for EntirelyPets this month?

    Bad for me, use to convert at 1 in 10s but now 0 in 50s. Does it has anything to do with some 'new' parasites that we're not aware of ??

    Also, I am new to this forum, so if I am not suppose to post this way,please let me know and remove the thread. Thanks.

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    They are converting okay for me but they've dropped their % payout and there's been a big fall out from affiliates as a result. I've assumed that since they are with SAS that they are parasite free...although they are also with CJ...Brian keeps them clean so I don't know why the sales have dropped for you.

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    April 18th, 2005

    Any comments on this ?

    "We pay our commissions to the last site visited before the sale takes place. It looks like the final sale came through another affiliate but CJ assumes they win everytime."

    I think this is the problem I am facing, we are fighting with CJ's affiliates but only difference is that they always win.

    ... and if this is not resolved, I may need to drop Entirely Pets completely but problem is there remaining alternatives are eithier not accepting me or in 'unconcious' state - application pending for days.
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