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    Talking Viability of as a merchant

    I'm considering joining ShareASale, but would first like to ask you: are products suitable to an affiliate program?

    Each of's products has an authentic, hand-picked four leaf clover embedded in it.

    Here's a few examples:

    As you can see, the products are quite specific, as is the target market. This is why I'm posting this thread.
    Do products with narrow target markets pay off for you, the affiliates.

    The good thing is: is the only one selling this full range of products on the Web.

    I'd appreciate any feedback you can offer, and thanks a million in advance!!

    Zouyun (Aaron)
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    It doesn't seem like as narrow of a market as you'd think--tons of people buy St. Patrick's day stuff, even if the only Irish in 'em is Killian's Irish Red. Or Irish green, as it may be dyed then
    Although in the off-season, the market would be a lot more limited, I think some affiliates could do well with those products.

    One suggestion: Ditch that entry page and just have it redirect to the real site...or better yet, move the whole store up a directory so a click to the main page brings the person directly onto the main shopping page.
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    What Leader said. Make this your home page:

    Nice site. Nice merchandise. I would promote you if you were on SAS.

    Edited to say: Make sure you are on Auto-Deposit and you have a datafeed of your products

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    Are those old teeth with your lucky charms?

    Leprechaun Poopie

    Stay away from rainbows! For every gold piece found, 60% goes to the feds as capital-gains tax.

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    Talking Thanks for the advice
    I'll definitely take into account the home page change - thanks.

    After some more research, you may see in the New Merchants section of the forum.

    Poo yes, they are old teeth - Leprachaun teeth, and they're for sale if your interested

    Hope to hear some more thoughtful replies


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    Hi, I'm just a small affliate (with big dreams) but I'd promote your products too. Like the others said, go with auto-deposit and datafeed and I'm in. Good luck!
    Travelin' Man

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