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    Unhappy Balance reduced? No transaction.
    Am I crazy?!

    I swear that, between late last night and this morning, my CJ balance was reduced with no intervening reversal -- or any other kind of transaction which would explain the reduction. The amount of the reduction was an even dollar amount and would be a typical commission on one sale.

    Since I have only one website and am fairly new to affiliate marketing (~2mos), I've been keeping pretty close tabs on my site and the associated CJ numbers. Initially, I printed out daily transactions but, when things seemed to be pretty stable, I stopped doing that. Therefore, I don't have any PAPER trail to back up my memory but my memory for numbers, especially $ amounts I am owed, is usually pretty good and I DISTINCTLY remember my balance from last night.

    Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing at CJ and been able to document a problem?

    Or, is the chance of this happening so remote that the answer to the question posed at the beginning of this message is: "Probably yes . . . at least temporarily."

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    I have had it happen, also. I think it must be some really old reversal that I just couldn't find. I can't think of any other explaination.
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    It seems if you click on "Review new transactions", that only shows sales for the current day and not reversals. Gotta go to the the "Run Reports" area and run the default report for whatever day (or other time period) you want to see, to get reversals to show up.

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