I wanna dump this dog so bad, but I'm near payout time. I think. I can't find their minimum payout anywhere on LS's site. Anybody got a clue where that info might be buried?

So I'm muddling around and I find out they're an ecomworks client. Then I notice that their affiliate FAQ http://www.safetyzoneaffiliates.com/...ct_public.html states:
If no sale is completed by a customer from the original referral, we will also pay referral fees on any products that are subsequently purchased by such customer on the customer's next visit to the Site, provided that such visit is made within 30 days of the original referral.
which contradicts their info in LS which states their return days = 7.

If you're signed up with these clowns you might want to check your non-commissionable sales to see if any transactions fall within the 7 and 30 day range. If it does, you might have a case for demanding a commission.