My first month and second month,from excite to despond.
I really need you guy's help.

I joined CJ 1 year ago,and never make any sale.
One day may/2005,I bought something from ebay,and thought,maybe I should
place my bid through my affiliate link from CJ,just to try if it works.and I did that,It's the first time I got 0.10
dollar commission,oh,my god!I am so excite and start working on it.I believe affiliate make money.

My first month
I start using Google adword,just put copy on that and direct link to affiliate works quite well,second day I made a sale,
that's really excite,and I can't even fall sleep.I keep adding keywords on adword,and sales sometimes on monday,sometime on friday.I am
really happy,but things happended,google sent me a letter said My CTR is too low(0.2%),and try to slow down my adv,I never know what's that,
and read through lot of letters about CTR,and don't make any sense,and I said to myself,just let it be.few days later,another Google mail came to
my email box,I just ignore it,and then,the third one,and all my adv stopped,oh,my god!making money on line that's my dream two weeks ago,you know!they just stop
it.I had to pay $5 and start it again,after few days hard reading about CTR,and keep changing some adv. and keywork,make it more target.My CTR goes
up,it's around 0.8-1.2%.I am really happy,first month,I make $120 and use $70 for PPC.

Second month
I got lots of click from Google,and all of them are target keywords,every day more than 100 clicks,Ctr is around 0.8-1.2%,but strange things happended,I got the same sales as last
month,But clicks tripple,I really don't make any sense,same keywords,just different Adv. copy,and all adv. copy are target,but don't make more sales,how come?
I really don't understand,it takes just 2 weeks I went from earning money to losting money.every day more than $6 gone and only 1 or 2 sales in one week,I had to stop Google,and try
step by step,by now,I can't find why things turn to like come first month is so different from second month?what can I do?I read lots of stuff about affiliate and
can't find the reason,can anybody tell your the ture?I really need you guy's help.

Is it just becaust first month is lucky or second month is normal?

any good idea about making a affiliate mini site?
Thank you!