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    Exclamation Check out who is mentioned in this spyware article
    Very cool that the Associated Press is finally giving attention to the issue. I was surprised at a few of the names mentioned as employing spyware, though ...

    phillyBurbs has the story, of course

    Edited to add ... Check out the mention of our man Benjamin Edelman!

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    The usual suspects. Some of them ABW members who maintain that they are anti-spyware.
    Ben is certainly rising to the top as an expert in the field.

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    I run a popular download website and am regularly contacted by spyware companies wanting to add their software in my downloads. 180Solutions offered $0.15 per download, but yesterday I got an email from Whenu,

    "We are interested in partnering ******** with WhenU's desktop applications. Partnering with WhenU is a great way to draw additional revenue from your download volume. WhenU has the best monetization - up to $1.00 cents per download while remaining attentive to a positive consumer experience. In other words, a monthly download volume of 10,000 can draw in revenue of about 5K per month."

    My website gets 30,000+ visitors a day. Go figure.

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    I believe the AM for Orbitz has professed a negative opinion on adware/spyware here somewhere.

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