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    friend or foe? - priorityclick
    I just received a phone call from these people. I ask them where they got my phone # and suddenly their command of the English language became so garbled that I could not understand their answer (the first "bell" went off here). They couldn't, or wouldn't answer any of my questions with a clear understandable answer, (2nd "bell" started ringing). The conversation ended with them saying they will send a email to me with a formal invitation. I'm a newbie in the affiliate world so why would a company seek me out? (3rd bell ringing loudly)

    I did not like the way they approached me. It really bothers me that they couldn't give a honest answer when I ask where they got my name, email, and phone #. My feeling is to ignore them and hope they go away.

    Does anyone know who they are? I'm thinking they maybe a parasite, or possibly a new merchant trying to get an affiliate program started on the cheap? (their site requests that I download a custom pre-made web page to add to my site, which I do NOT do)

    Am I being paranoid? I did a seach for them here at ABW and nothing was found. Does anyone have any knowledge of them?

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    Am I being paranoid? I did a seach for them here at ABW and nothing was found. Does anyone have any knowledge of them?

    I found this link from October 22nd, 2004

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    I've never heard of them. So when I found their site, I was surprised to learn:
    PriorityClick is one of the largest, most trusted, and successful online affiliate programs in the world.
    Imagine that! The whole world, and nobody has ever mentioned them here before. Amazing.

    As far as finding your phone number, I would venture to guess that they found it via the whois look-up. Sounds like somebody you don't want to get involved with.

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    I think I had a call from them or a clone thereof this morning. Bandied about words like top positions in search engines, key words, key words, key words, and whoever she was really wasn't used to talking about it.

    I just picked up a domain name last week. I think I get a call similar to that every time I do it.

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