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    Which search engine?

    my name is Marcus I am from Austria and I just signed up at an affiliate program. It's a really nice one.

    I thinking about starting a ppc campaign:

    Which search enginge do you recommend?

    - overture
    - adword
    - miva

    thanks, Marcus

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    I like AdWords, but I don't know if it would be better to go with someone else if you're targeting users in Austria.

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    Hey Marcus,

    You can use adwords to target your country only, unless you want to go international.

    I always suggest adwords over Yahoo/Overture, because adwords is more instant, whereas OV has to go through an approval process whihc sometimes takes days. Not good when you're testing creative changes, etc.

    good luck, and feel free to ask questions. I wish I had when I ran my first adwords campaign. Thank goodness that was aeons ago when it was still afforcable to test.
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    Thanks, for help! I am an affliliate of an world wide distributing affiliate program, but the company is located in the Uk. So I will try to promote them mainly in the english spoken world.

    My affliliate manager send me also a nice article. I think it's really interesting!

    A new survey conducted by Harris Interactive for search engine marketing firm iCrossing examines how and why Internet users use search engines.

    Running queries through search engines is one of the most popular online activities. Over one-half of respondents, 53%, said they used search engines most or every time they went online, and only 4% said they had never used a search engine. Only two activities were more popular than search: sending or receiving e-mail (87%) and general Web surfing (55%). Additionally, more respondents reported accessing search engines than said they used the Net for entertainment, e-commerce or IM/chat.

    Respondents used search engines for a number of activities, including researching specific topics (88%), getting directions or maps (75%), looking for news (64%) and shopping (51%). Interestingly, 54% reported using a search engine to fulfill a task online instead of using a phone. Users of different search engines seem to search for different topics. For example, MSN and Ask Jeeves users were more apt to search for medical and health information. Ask Jeeves users were also more likely to look for maps and directions. Google users tended to search more for news, perhaps a result of the Google News search page.

    According to data from Nielsen//NetRatings, Google is by far the most popular search engine in the US, with a 48% market share. Yahoo! is next with 21%, followed by MSN with 12%, AOL with 5% and Ask Jeeves with 2%.

    Google users are also the most loyal, according to iCrossing 13% of US adults who use Google use it exclusively, compared to 11% for AOL, 10% for MSN, 7% for Yahoo!/Overture and 2.4% for Ask Jeeves.

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