We are looking for merchants for a site we are launching a site in the next few weeks called AmeriDollars (you can see a work in progress demo at http://stage.ameridollars.com) that allows consumers to receive cash back rebates when they shop at participating merchantts. Consumers have the option of taking the rebate as "cash back" or donating it to a participating merchant (increased buyer loyalty).

We already have signed up several national charities that will be promoting AmeriDollars to millions of consumers in their donor base and have also partnered with the 150th largest site on the Internet that has over 10 million registered users.

We are looking for merchants that are interested in joining our program. There is ZERO cost and ZERO risk - we simply make money when we drive customers to your business. The way our technology works is all our users register their credit cards they shop with and we match it by interfacing with the merchant's processor (we are a recognized credit card loyalty system provider - no names / credit card #s are actually passed). And we are parasite FREE!

Please contact us at merchants@ameridollars.com if you are interested.