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    Synergy and regular reports do not match

    The numbers in the regular reports don't match the numbers in Synergy.
    I have been following this for two days now and my commission in Synergy is consistently higher than the one in the regular reports. Plus Synergy gets updated multiple times a days for meachnats like Dell, Walmart, Toshiba etc whereas regular reports only gets updated once a day. Anyone seeing a similar pattern. I assume the number in synergy are more up-to-date.


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    I wish I could use Synergy effectively. It's much too slow for me. It takes at least 10-15 mintues to load part of the first screen and every page after that is another 10-15 minutes. Sometimes a page won't even load. The software is still very unusable for me. I've never seen a program run this slow, it's completely absurd.

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    Just the opposite for me.

    Synergy totals run a day behind the regular reports.
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    I have the opposite problem. My commissions are half of what they should be in Synergy, and pretty accurate (to as close as I can figure) on the regular reports. Interestingly, the sales numbers match - just not the commission.

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