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    Unhappy Moving from UK to Aus
    Hi there,

    I run a site in UK which generated good profit through affiliate network. And now I've launched my site in Australia with the same method used for the one in UK. After several months, I noticed it's not making money and worst still it's negative in profit. Therefore I signed up for this forum to discuss and learn from you experts.

    Firstly, I would like to know more about Australian, especially from 18-25. What can actually attracts them? After I went through several forums, I read some say Australian doesn't fancy online shopping. Is it true about it? Or it's just referring to health products? What is the best earning method in Australia? PPC? CPA? Co-reg? Hope that some of you could share your knowledge with me. All advice and comments will be appreciated.


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    I've had a similar problem with a site transplanted from the UK to Australia.

    One BIG problem is finding reliable merchants.. but also it doesn't seem to be a very eCommerce-friendly place - you'd expect the market to be about 25% of the UK's, but I've seen very little general shopping activity.
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    Welcome to Oz

    sorry i can't help with the ecommerce questions. i don't know what you are selling but the sterotypes of Australian 18-25s are pretty accurate, drinking/partying, surfing ( I know some young surfers who have a direct feed from the bureau of Met to check weather, tide, surf conditions every morning and do so religiously - I found this an interesting adaptation of technology for an easygoing lifestyle) So if you could work up a good surf conditions site you would have a big Aust wide market .

    Sorry I'm a bit old but my kids only ever really used the web for information - including information about fashion trends etc. you probably need to emphasise features like the product ( unique? ) is only available on the net ( tends to raise suspicion ).

    My two cents worth, hope you and your family are adjusting. I have quite a few recently become Aussie friends and I came here 36 years ago from UK, but it does take a while to for some people to realise that Oz is not the Uk without the rain and endless sunshine and big open spaces - make sure you go west of the great dividing range if you are in Sydney to get a fell for the absolute empty enormity of the place.



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    E-Commerce in Australia is still very much in its infancy with many small companies just starting out and the main brands mainly using their online activity to promote the product but invite the customer to shop in store.

    It's slowly changing but again the level of experience of affiliates in the Australian market is also very weak. many affiliates are just starting out.

    Although there are at least five networks which operate in Australia; the main two are ClixGalore and Commission Monster, with DGMAustralia coming in third.

    Educating the merchant into what an affiliate program is and how their websites must reflect referrals from affiliates (ie no prominent telephone numbers etc) takes time. Also many merchants (not solely limited to Australia, there are enough in the US) do not appreciate that the WWW is worldwide and an affiliate does not have to physically be in Australia to trade to Australia.

    The Australian Government also hampers online marketing. About half of all Australians who go on the net search for addresses which are restricted to people with a physical presence in Australia. Now there are ways to get around this such as using nominee companies to register the domains for you but the Government needs to look at opening the e-commerce market and be more helpful to the online community.

    To summarise, affiliate marketing is about ten years behind the UK and the major hurdle for merchants and affiliates over the next couple of years must surely be the development of a concrete working relationship between merchant and affiliate so that together they can educate the public that buying online is safe, fun, easy to do, did I say safe?, yes safe, creative and that they can get what they want quickly and affordably.
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    and Aussie networks also suffer the same parasitewear issues as anyone else and some networks are dragging their feet in removing them even after being notified, as evidenced by one of the Aussie forums on affiliate networking.

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