I just booked my flight out to Santa Barbara for CJU. I'll be arriving one day early on September 17th and leaving one day after the event on September 21st.

I'm flying in to LAX from Chicago and have opted to drive the rest of the way (approximately 75-90 minutes) to Santa Barbara (dropping it off at the airport and then taking the airport shuttle to the hotel. I'm scared sh*tless of small planes, so this is why I've chosen this route.

I'm scheduled to arrive at LAX at 1:02 PM on Saturday and my flight out of LAX is at 4:30 PM on Wednesday, so I'm planning on picking up the rental car at about 12:30 PM (at the SBA airport location).

Now, as far as this second part goes, I'm somewhat hesitant but wanted to throw the idea out there. The $183 room rate isn't all that cheap and I'm sure there are other folks out there that don't have a company picking up the tab (or maybe their company is somewhat cheap). Would anyone be interested in doing this? Full disclosure: I'm straight & I snore. I'm interested in seeing your replies. No parasites allowed - lol.