I have been using it for a little while now and at first liked it. I haven't converted all my site to it yet, but am now having second thoughts.

Previously I manually searched for books on the specialised subject for a page and manually placed a link. Highly time consuming and difficult to keep up with any new publications. So I thought AE would fit the bill.

I now find that it does not find all the books connected to the keyword. I realise this is probably to do with the way Amazon has its data but that doesn't help me.

Now that they have their new product links I am wondering whether simply to go back to that. Certainly I haven't found any increase in sales since using AE, in fact this last quarter was down about 100!

I am reluctant to give up the script but do not wish to miss out on any books that it isn't showing.

Ideas? Is there a way round it?