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    Welcome to ABW Richer Brat

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    Thank you. I am enjoying it. There's some rubbish boards out there - don't know why I didn't think of searching Alexa for better ones ages ago!

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    Rolisand's ebook is one that we recommend to our new affiliates, right after we tell them about the best forums to visit .

    Many newbies have full time jobs and the ability to take a few chapters of the ebook to work or on their commute helps them get up to speed faster.

    So when they do come back to the boards and see something it's not their first time.

    Oh, ya. we don't use our link for our affiliates...we don't want them to think that we have any other motives then to help them succeed. The few dollars in commissions from an ebook sales pales in comparision to the thousands of dollars a good affiliate can make for himself, the network and the merchant.

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    You have asked a difficult question here.

    To find or analyse whether the super affiliate handbook is good, you have got to check it with other affiliate marketing program guide or an affiliate handbook, (one of the easiest benchmark tests)

    Then it depends whether you are a newbie or a seasoned player

    It also depends whether the market movements are right for such a book and for you to make money online from the advise provided in such books.

    Overall, Rosalind Gardner's books are good, be it the super affiliate handbook, or the affiliate blueprint. After all it does neatly spell out the basics well.

    Besides, it is wise for any newbie to read such books, before starting out.

    Some guys have compared her book with The Rich Jerk - this is quite awkward mainly because they are two different styles, but the basics are sort of the same.

    The rich jerk (RJ), exploits market movements, which is clearly indicative of the way he prices his book, ie., one day it is USD.99, After a few months it is selling at USD.197, only to be sold at USD.47 sometime later.

    This is something you may not find with a Rosie Gardner book (although you are likely to find used/ cheaper versions at Amazon and eBay)

    Now why is this difference - Mainly because the Rich Jerk depends a lot on sales through Adwords

    To cut a long story short, the super affiliate handbook is good and Rosalind Gardner comes forth as nice and straightforward person (this is not the reason why the book is classified as good)

    Not only that, there are other guides such as the affiliate marketers handbook or 33 days to online profits or clickin it rich, which are equally good in their own way.


    maan it takes somethin, to make some money with affiliate marketing programs, let alone write a handbook or a guide.

    Bye for now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richer Brat
    Last - you can learn a lot from marketing by analysing how these ebook sellers market themselves.
    I agree with this comment.

    I haven't read Rosalind's book but I support the thinking that using PPC is a safer strategy than organic SEO alone. I have over 100 sites that have relied largely on organic SEO, so I am not a beginner.

    My day job is in marketing and it is an education to observe the "family" of e-books that all seem to cost $67 (probably the perfect price for such books).

    Quite apart from the book contents, it is fascinating to observe the chain of players who are connected with the book's author. I bought 3 of these e-books lately and noted some of the tactics (again, not referring to Rosalind's book):

    * Create an atmosphere of secrecy, exclusivity and scarcity.

    * Offer exclusive pricing for other people's e-books (and they do the same for you)

    * Offer lots of "free" content as a bonus.

    * Offer short-term free trials that can be maintained with a subscription.

    * Always provide something factual and, therefore, of value to a beginner.

    * Offer a newsletter

    * Offer some software tool

    * Speak at affiliate seminars and invite fellow experts to speak, then get invited to their seminars

    I am impressed with the formula. I want in!

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    First of all, most of the ebooks being sold online are for the authors benefit which is OK. Many, like Rosalinds, are very helpful. You could learn something from all these books, even if you've been doing this awhile. Rosalinds has stood the test of time because she is successful with her techniques.

    Yes, you can get all this info from reading on forums like this one and asking questions, but these ebooks have most of the info together in one place and some of their own personal success tips.

    And you cannot find this info at your local bookstore. They have very little books or resources on internet marketing and if they do it is already out of date. These ebooks can be updated regularly.

    Just my opinions.


    BTW - Great to See Rosalind Here!
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    - Clarence

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    Given the chronic instability of one particular search engine, it is always wise to use multiple marketing methods to promote a site. Relying on one source for traffic is a flawed tactic.
    There's good, fast and cheap. Pick any two.
    [url=]Phoenix SEO[/url] :: [url=]Affiliate Marketing Tutorials[/url]

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    I know this thread was last posted in months ago....but for anyone who's interested...I just bought the book, and I think it's great. Rosalind spells everything out for you, and makes it easy to understand. I'm not even done the book yet, but I would definitely recommend it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil
    I was just wondering if you can explain.
    If so many millions of people buy these type of ebooks,
    then why is there not millions of super affiliates ?
    In one word : procrastination.

    99% of people buy many ebooks but NEVER use the techniques they have learn, they even never read these ebooks.

    This is the explanation.

    BTW Rosalind ebook is very good. Recommended +++

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    yes woked wonderful for me

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