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    Pls, help to integrate PayPal with Shareasale
    We try to integrate our Business PayPal account with software to launch our affiliate program. We have run 2 tests - in both cases we have got the test failure and some mistakes (that have something to do with PayPal) on our 'thank you' page.

    Could anyone share their skills and help us to complete the integration correctly?

    Thank you,

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    you need to contact Brian or Michael at shareasale,
    they will help you. though i dont think they will be around today is a holiday.

    we had a small problem with the same thing.
    you need to place the code in the correct page.
    please dont ask me where,, i am the merchant.
    the tech guy for us is not here today.

    but it wont take long once you have spoken with them.

    good luck in whatever you are doing
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    They stopped supporting PayPal payments to affiliates. I don't know the background but maybe it also pertains to merchants. Check with their support.


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