There was an interesting article on the B2B space in Revenue magazine this month on page 68 - "It's none of your business" by John Gartner.

In the article Chris Henger, VP over at Performics mentioned that his company has not focused on the B2B space "because we haven't seen the opportunity."

If I could add my 2 cents, as manager of a B2B site in the fiber optic marketplace ( I say to Chris, take your blinders off !

This market is ripe with opportunities! Since starting our affiliate program in early 2004, we have attracted over 200 quality affiliates who know how to target our niche market.

Some of the benefits of this market include:


2) REPEAT BUSINESS. Corporate buyers tend to repeat and stick with their best suppliers. With a program offering LIFETIME cookies, affiliates earn commissions on the life of the relationship and not just one sale.


4) GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY. Many B2B sites are oblivious to the affiliate game and do not comprehend the benefits of an affiliate network. Unlike the B2C space, the B2B market is not at all crowded. Affiliates who are in it for the long haul should consider developing this market now before the goldmine is sucked dry!

Just my 2 cents !

Ron Goldman
Affiliate Manager